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I have always been really crafty but never really had someone to share the excitement that I get when I create something new. I branced out of my little network of friends and found the exciting world of blogging and lots of new friends in the world wide web that love to be crafty like me.
So now I am trying new things and I get to share my craziness with the world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So here I am...

I have found a new outlet for all my crafty craziness... Artist Trading Cards! Better known as ATC's, they are little tiny ways to be creative. Best of all I get to trade them with other people who are just as crafty if not more so than I am. I just completed my first set and am well on the way to finishing my second. More pics to come!
My first ATC

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Jamie said...

that is super cute :)